Our vision is to do what Jesus told us to do, "Take the gospel to the ends of the earth!"

We are taking the good news to the ragged edge and hundreds and hundreds of people are giving their lives to Jesus! If you have always wanted to go to a far away land and tell people about Jesus, but did not know how to get connected with someone to go, you are at the right place! Whether you are with a youth group, a church, or you are an individual who wants to go, we can make it happen! Email us about our next trip to Nicaragua June 4-11, 2011 and we will get you the info on requirements, costs, etc and see if the Lord is leading you to come with us.

If you cannot go on a trip for some reason and would like to partner with us in helping us go, then click on "Support" on the home page.You can still be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth by investing in our ministry in going when and where you might not be able to go!