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School Assembly Packet

Dr. Ronnie Hill is one of the most dynamic, sought after speakers for school assemblies in the country. Speaking in over 200 schools a year, Hill’s program, through his humorous and fresh approach, has encouraged students to stay off drugs and alcohol and see the importance of education.

School administrators are tired of having speakers that have done drugs and alcohol, due to the fear that students may look at the speaker and think, “If he did it and he is all right, then I can do it and I will be all right.” Hill has never touched drugs or alcohol. Seeing the effects of alcohol on his family, at an early age, highly influenced his decision to abstain from any form of substance abuse.

Dr. Hill promotes education. He was salutatorian of his high school class. He received his B.A. in 1990, a 92-hour Master’s Degree in 1993, and finished his Doctorate Degree in 2001. In his program, Hill shows the financial difference between a high school drop out and a high school graduate by the time they retire.

Dr. Hill’s 30-minute assembly is colorful with a message that is straight forward to the students of this decade.

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